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Why Us?

Why use a Tech Solutions Advisor or Broker?

We started Techsu so that we could deliver industry-leading technology solutions to small & large businesses and offer them an array of choices to select from.  Advisors, like us, have already secured partnerships with over 200+ technology vendors prior to engaging with our clients.  This allows us quick direct access to resell their products at affordable pricing.  At Techsu, we advise, inform, present quotes, and guide our clients through the decision-making process.  As advisors, we do not charge our clients to vet services on their behalf, because we are compensated by the vendors directly.  It's important to know, we are vendor agnostic which allows us to comfortably serve our clients without forcing them into products that don't make sense for their business.


We have a combined 40 years of technology experience advising, implementing, and managing cloud technology projects for some of the world's largest brands like AT&T, Hilton, Royal Bank of Canada, FedEx, Cummins Diesel Engines, etc.  We hold patents in various hardware and software technologies.  From a small landscaping company to a large enterprise private equity-backed firm, we have successfully delivered solutions for companies of all sizes.

We Know Our Clients

Given our expertise, we have access to knowledgeable technical subject matter experts and resources, but more importantly, we have personnel that understand the operational nuances of Small & Medium-sized businesses across all divisions.  Technology is not leveraged to its full potential if we as advisors don't understand your core business and/or the type of product or service you're providing for our client's customers.  Further, to provide informed technology recommendations, we genuinely want to have an idea of who your clients are and how they will ultimately be affected as they are the most important aspect of our client's businesses.

Customer Service Satisfaction

Customer Service can make or break a relationship with one bad experience, that's why we strive to provide a world-class level of customer service to all of our clients regardless of size.  No business should be ignored and all businesses should have quick access to a support team.  We respond within 24 hours to all customer support inquiries.  Most importantly, we establish and set up dedicated quick response communication access for emergency situations during the implementation process. 

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